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Ida Linda

Ida Linda Reitano
Lawyer in Italy and Spain, PhD in Sports Law, F.I.G.C. (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio) Sports
Justice Commission, Football exec. manager
International Contracting, Corporate Law, Sports Media and Entertainment
Italy Spain
Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Serbian, Croatian, Russian.
Lawyer Specializing in International Corporate Law, Sports Media and Entertainment.
She is Head of the International Sector of the Law Firm and of the Departments of Commercial,
Corporate, Media&Entertainment and Sport Law and directs the branches of Belgrade and Novi
Expert in Sports Law and international contracting, she defends athletes, clubs and federations in
front of national and international sports justice bodies and provides advice also in extrajudicial
matters to different national and international federations, sports clubs and professional athletes,
mainly in football, waterpolo, boxing and rugby.
Master Oficial en Derecho Internal Deportivo y Internacional of the University of Lleida - Biennial
University Master, who has been training the highest experts in various countries for 22 years -
and a PhD in Sports Law at the same University.
Specialization Course in Sports Law and Sports Justice "Lucio Colantuoni", University of Milan.
She is a sport manager, since 2016 member of the board of directors in the football Club
Calcio Catania s.p.a., with responsibility for legal and international affairs.
From 2018 he is a member of the Sports Justice Commission in F.I.G.C. (Federazione Italiana
Giuoco Calcio)
Speaker at numerous conferences and courses organized by Universities and Institutions and
prestigious legal seminars, both Italian and foreign.
She conceived and created the “First International Sport Symposium” - event accredited by the
Council of the Order of Lawyers, the Association of Accountants and Accounting Experts and
Journalists, which also include Sports Medicine - annual meetings of the top experts and
comparison of the performance of the international sport movement.
Lawyer of the Court of Catania and ICAM Madrid since 2010.
She is a member of AIAS - Italian Association of Sports Lawyers and of WISLaw - Women in
Sports Law.
She is the Scientific Director of the "Master in Sport Law and Management" at the Legal&Business School in Catania
She is Italian mother-tongue and fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Serbian, Croatian and

Attorney-at-law, Lawyer
Anti-Doping, Contractual / Commercial matters, Disciplinary Matters, Dispute Resolution, Governance / Regulatory work, Human Rights, Players’ Unions / Clubs’ Unions
Boxing, Football/Soccer, Motor sport, Sailing, Waterpolo
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