Our goals

Women In Sports Law (WISLaw) is an international, non-profit association based in Switzerland aiming at promoting women in the sports law sector, through scientific and networking events, annual meetings and annual reports. The goals of WISLaw are, among others:

To raise awareness of the presence & role of women in the sports law sector, through an annual report on the participation of women in sports law positions.

To take a gender-oriented perspective in the sports law sector, by tackling any kind of discrimination.

To facilitate the participation of women in the sports law profession.

To enhance the cooperation of women active in the sports law field at international level through networking events and regular meetings.

To play an active role in the sports law sector by empowering its members upon the acquisition of new skills and techniques.

To organize an annual meeting with all its members, either at a neutral venue or attached to the annual conferences of other major sports law associations.

to raise funds / seek sponsorships for a sports law master program scholarship for female students.

to create, maintain and foster a networking platform for all WISLaw members in order to encourage business and employment opportunities as well as the exchange of information among WISLaw members.