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Women Talk Doping - in Montreal

Join us for a #WomenTalkDoping on January 24, 2017 (12-1 pm)!

Janie Soublière (CAS & SDRCC Arbitrator) and other WISLaw members will discuss "Evidentiary Challenges in asserting ADR Violations based on the IP Report".

Further to the release of the second part of the Independent Person Report, some ADOs are in a better position to effectively carry out results management and disciplinary procedures against identified athletes (due to factually convincing DNA or forensic evidence among others). However, many ADO’s continue to face various evidentiary stumbling blocks that may not allow them legally to assert anti-doping rule violations in accordance with applicable anti-doping rules. The above outlines the backdrop of our anticipated discussion on February 22, 2017 when #WomenTalkDoping !

The event will take place at the SDRCC premises in Montreal - please register by sending an email to: !